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Past Life Regression

Do you wonder if you have been here before? Do you feel drawn to, or very uncomfortable about, a particular place or country, but don't know why? Are you interested in personal / spiritual development?

Past Life Regression is a powerful tool for self-exploration, taking you on a fascinating and enlightening journey back in time, using relaxation and visualisation techniques to access your past lives. Whilst this is an experience in its own right, I have often found there are therapeutic benefits to Past Life Regression - clearing energy blockages, revealing re-occurring life patterns, facilitating forgiveness, even healing physical health issues.

Exploring past lives can help you find out who you really are, give you a greater understanding of present life issues and provide you with inner, healing guidance. Past life regression can help you to move forward in this lifetime in a more positive and optimistic way.

All sessions are online using Skype. If you would prefer another video platform, please let me know.

A free initial consultation will be arranged, via video call – this is to answer any questions you may have, explain more about the actual session and sort out any technological issues. I will need to be able to see you during the regression and hear you clearly – sitting upright is perfect, if you want to be able to recline we will work out how this can be best achieved. Headphones with a microphone are preferred.

Following the initial consultation you can book an appointment – payment must be made in full at least 24 hours before the session – this can be via PayPal on my website.

The session itself takes up to 2 hours (sometimes longer) and the regression element will be recorded and later sent to you via email.

On rare occasions past lives cannot be accessed – this may because there are blocks in ‘this life’ or due to high levels of anxiety. If this does occur you will be offered a free coaching / healing / clearing session.

The total cost of a single (2 hour) session is £75.00. Click the PayPal Button below to pay now.

Past Life Transformational Package - £ 125 - includes a single (2 hour) session of past life regression plus a follow up session of Transformational Coaching / Energy Healing and Clearing (up to 90 minutes). Click the PayPal Button below to pay now.

Client Feedback

Past Life Regression and Forgiveness

“After years of struggling with my late partner’s family and the way they had treated him, the day finally came when our daughter wanted to meet them. This was a very hard challenge for me but I knew I had to face it. Thankfully I know Nikki. WOW!! It was amazing, not knowing what to expect I feel that I gained so much out of it, I grew as a person. Forgiveness is a hard thing to do when so much anger and frustration are involved. I not only learnt forgiveness I also learnt that it wasn’t for me to judge anyone as they were the unfortunate ones who had to live with their mistakes of many wrongs. I’m so glad that Nikki was there; it certainly has laid out a new path for me, helping me become a better person – it has been life changing.”

Client Feedback

Hi Nikki

I really appreciate the time we spent together and the past life regression session you gave me.
The impact the session had on me was significant, especially reviewing my life from a place of higher consciousness, in-between this life and the last incarnation. Contemplating my relationships in this way, has helped me to understand the karmic connection with with my father and has helped me to reconcile our relationship, finding understanding and peace.

With much gratitude

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