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October Special Offer - 3 Session Package for STRESS / DEPRESSION / ANXIETY £180. Please contact me for more details.

Hypnotherapy can help with many issues and concerns, including –

Weight Management

The Virtual Gastric Band Procedure (as taught by International Hypnotherapy Trainer Sheila Granger). This is a 4 session approach and includes two audio recordings. This programme is not a diet but has been designed to change how you think about food, enable you to eat anything you want and feel satisfied with less – it is about listening with your tummy instead of your eyes and head. The first session includes the ‘virtual gastric band operation’ – everything will be explained to you before the session starts.

Alternatively you can relax and re-programme your subconscious mind to help you reduce weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle using 'Weight Off Your Mind'. I offer individual sessions (realistically you may need 2 - 4 sessions) focusing on a natural, healthy approach to eating along with motivation to get moving and exercising. It is not a diet. A professionally made audio, ‘Weight Off Your Mind’ is included with your first session. Personalised recordings are made as required.

Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy can help eliminate the smoking habit in as little as one session. By accessing the subconscious mind new programming can be installed to help create new habits and beliefs. I offer a two session approach and will send you an audio recording to listen to daily for 2 – 4 weeks. You will also receive help and advice to break the cycle of addiction.

Fears, Phobia’s and Trauma

Eliminated quickly and comfortable with The Rewind Technique, a tried and tested approach to treating phobia’s and PTSD and trauma. The Rewind does not require you to go over the traumatic incident/s again. Many people with trauma have been treated using approaches which drag them back through the experience again (sometimes, multiple times). This does NOT happen with The Rewind – in fact, I don’t even need to know the details of what happened to you. Most simple phobias can be removed with just one session – more complex phobias / PTSD may require further sessions. The Rewind Technique is safe to use with children too.


Treatment for anxiety and related conditions will vary from individual to individual – this debilitating condition causes inner turmoil, feelings of tension and worry and can disrupt daily life. Hypnotherapy can teach you to relax and give you tools and techniques to take back control and remove that sense of powerlessness. I will send you an audio recording following your session. The Rewind Technique may be advised if you have experienced past trauma, but this is always optional and will be discussed with you.

Panic Attacks

These sudden episodes can be terrifying, especially as they seem to come out of nowhere. Hypnotherapy can help by teaching you tools and strategies to prevent or quickly stop panic attacks from occurring. The Rewind technique may be advised in some cases.


Depression affects many people at some point – it drains you of energy, hope and happiness and steals your life. Often people don’t realise they get stuck in a loop or cycle that feeds the depression and causes it to continue.

But when you know how depression works; what it needs to sustain it, then you start to gain power over it and hope can sprout again. I have been trained by Uncommon Knowledge in an approach to treating depression that focuses on getting you feeling better quickly. We’ll start by de-stressing your mind and body; then we’ll look at reducing the amount of worrying and introspection that you do by focusing on your thinking style. You should find that your sleep pattern and energy levels improve too. You may need several sessions and you will receive an audio to listen to at home.

Depression can make you feel hopeless – but there is hope, and I think I can help, so please contact me today.

If you are really struggling and need to speak to someone right now, please call the SAMARITANS (UK) on 116 123 - there are people who care and can help you.

Pregnancy and Birth

Hypnosis can have a profound effect during birthing helping to lessen pain, reduce the length of labour and minimise the risk of intervention. A number of sessions are recommended (3-4) and you will be given two professionally made audio recordings. During your 1 to 1 sessions you will learn deep relaxation, a number of key breathing techniques, how to overcome fear, develop belief in your birthing body and build the confidence to birth your baby calmly and naturally.

Confidence & Self Esteem

Do you doubt yourself or feel that you’re not enough? With a combined approach of Transformational Coaching and Hypnotherapy I can help you boost your confidence and feel good about yourself. I have the techniques and strategies to help you increase your confidence, replace negative thought patterns with positive ones and start believing in yourself. So whether you are looking for help with interview preparation, a promotion at work, your driving test, exams, wedding day nerves, a presentation – and many other situations – I think I can help.


Children usually have wonderful imaginations which makes them great at hypnosis! If your child is experiencing anxiety or stress, has developed an unwanted habit, has an irrational fear or phobia or experienced trauma, is worried about exams or school, lacks confidence or self esteem, is experiencing bullying or performance anxiety hypnotherapy may be able to help. All sessions are online and the child must be accompanied by an adult. Please contact me to discuss further.


Having experienced breast cancer in 2002, I understand much of what you may be going through at the moment. During my own journey to recovery I used hypnosis, visualisation and healing to boost the immune system and deal with the unpleasant side-effects of treatment. I was fortunate enough to have the knowledge and the support around me to let go of unhelpful emotions and work with my mind and body to achieve healing and wellness. I think I can help you too. Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Energy Work can help you with anxiety, depression, insomnia, panic attacks, letting go of the past and much more. (Please note, I do not deal with the illness itself – but I can help you with the psychological and emotional issues that arise from the disease).

5-PATH® or Five-Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis is a powerful, 5-phase approach using Advanced Hypnotherapeutic Techniques. It is used to help a wide range of emotional problems including habits, addictions, compulsions, fears, mood problems, poor self-esteem and lack of confidence. 5-Path seeks to remove old, erroneous fears and beliefs that keep you from succeeding; together we uncover and resolve the cause of the problem, not just deal with the symptoms. If you are interested in diving deep and discovering the root of your problem or issue please email me for further details.

Client Feedback

“Hi Nikki – Thank you for all your help. I feel lighter and my mind feels less anxious and more calm. I can’t tell you how much this has helped me … you never judge me and I really appreciate you for that. I am extremely grateful for all your help.”


October Special Offer - 3 Session Package for Stress, Anxiety or Depression £180. Please contact me for more details.

Please contact me before making any payment.

Hypnotherapy / Coaching – £75 per session – up to 90 minutes. Click the PayPal Button below to pay now.

Hypnotherapy for Children - £55 per session - up to 60 minutes. Click the PayPal Button below to pay now.

Smoking Cessation - £175 – 2 x 90 minute sessions plus a recording. Click the PayPal Button below to pay now.

Virtual Gastric Band Programme - £249 – 4 sessions and 2 audio recordings. Click the PayPal Button below to pay now.

5-PATH® or Five-Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis - 6 session programme £495. Click the PayPal Button below to pay now.

Past life Regression - £75 – up to 2 hours plus a recording of the regression. Click the PayPal Button below to pay now.

Past Life Transformational Package - £125 - includes a single (2 hour) session of past life regression plus a follow up session of Transformational Coaching / Energy Healing and Clearing (up to 90 minutes). Click the PayPal Button below to pay now.

3 x Session October Special Offer £180 - for ANXIETY / STRESS / DEPRESSION - includes a free consultation, 3 sessions of up to 90 minutes each and an audio recording. Please speak to me first then pay by clicking the button below.

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