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Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching is a relaxed, conversational approach that aims to create a shift in your awareness and your raise level of consciousness. Whilst there are multiple levels of consciousness, it is helpful to consider the 4 main levels and how we can move up the scale of consciousness.

Level 1 – Victim consciousness – life happens to us. There is a lot of blame and a lack of control; we feel powerless, helpless, manipulated by life and other people.

Level 2 – Creator or Manifester consciousness – life happens by us. We start to accept personal responsibility, stop blaming and start asking, why is this happening for me? We learn that we do have some control and so we start to shape and improve our life.

Level 3 – Channel consciousness – life happens through me. We are starting to wake up. We know where our experience of the world is really coming from, we know and understand that our inner world creates our outer world and we are able to tap into and follow our intuitive guidance.

Level 4 – Being consciousness – life happens as me. We understand on a deep level that we are connected to everything and everyone. The Divine expresses itself through us. We know that everything we need we already have.

Most self-improvement strategies (including life coaching, hypnotherapy, counselling, NLP, psychotherapy) aim to move people from Level 1 to Level 2.

Transformational Coaching and the online Personal Development Training I offer will move you beyond that and guide you towards Levels 3 and 4.

If you are searching for freedom, lasting inner peace and happiness, unshakable confidence, accelerated personal growth, improved / healed relationships, a sense of connection and wholeness, Transformational Coaching can help.

Transformational Coaching is an approach based upon an understanding of where our experience of the world really comes from. This understanding will allow you to take control of your emotions, overcome stress and develop bulletproof confidence quickly, easily and effectively.

If a new understanding and new perspective meant a life filled with inner calm, harmonious relationships, total self-belief and emotional resilience - no more ups and downs, no more emotional pain and angst - a life with minimal stress, no matter what is going on around you - would you be interested in finding out more?

Having trained and worked in the field of hypnotherapy and coaching since 2003 I have a passion for personal and spiritual development. The greatest changes and shifts that I have experienced myself have been as a result of Transformational Coaching. I love this approach and the wonderful benefits that it brings.

Are you willing to listen with a completely open mind? Are you ready to transform?

This is a powerful, yet simple approach which, once you hear it, will change the trajectory of your life forever.

Transformational Coaching can help with:

Developing emotional resilience
Lack of confidence
Low self esteem
Reaching your potential
Interview / career changes
Personal development
Spiritual development
Connecting with your intuitive guidance
Clearing blockages
Stepping into the best version of yourself
Letting go of emotional pain and hurt
Lack of clarity
Feeling good enough
Creating and achieving goals
Raising consciousness
Raising your personal energetic vibration
Limiting beliefs
And much more.

Transformational Coaching sessions are relaxed and conversational – we will focus on what is important to you. When appropriate, I may include meditations, basic hypnotherapy techniques and strategies.

If you are searching for happiness, inner peace and calm, a greater understanding of life - I can point you in the right direction. Contact me today for a free online consultation.


All coaching is online via Zoom. To get full benefit, a coaching package of 6 hours is recommended - there is flexibility over how you use the hours i.e., you can have a mixture of longer and shorter sessions, as required. You will also be able to email me between face to face online sessions. Payment is in advance via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

6 Hour Package - £330

If you would like to an introductory coaching session of one hour the fee is £49. Click the button below to purchase via PayPal.

You may also like to look at the Personal Development Training Course and the packages offered with The Enlightened Therapist / The Enlightened Soul Training Course.

Client Feedback

“Hi Nikki – Thank you for all your help. I feel lighter and my mind feels less anxious and more calm. I can’t tell you how much this has helped me … you never judge me and I really appreciate you for that. I am extremely grateful for all your help.”

Client Feedback

"I don't know what you did with the Space Clearing you did today but the second I came back after you worked your magic I got quite giggly for no real reason. The flat seems brighter and looks brighter too, like someone came in and lightened up the paint. A huge thank you."

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